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  • Peter Madden - Fighting for You

    Vote 1 : Family First

    Peter Madden, in the Senate
    + Lib's in The House of Rep's

    You might trust the Lib's with the economy,
    but don't trust Malcolm with your kids.
  • Peter Madden - Fighting for You

    Vote 1 : Family First

    Peter Madden, in the Senate
    + Lib's in The House of Rep's

    You might trust the Lib's with the economy,
    but don't trust Malcolm with your kids.

The Greens are LGBTQ and marxist ideologues, Labor has sold its soul and Malcolm's small 'l' liberals are taking over the Lib's ...

The economy needs Liberal Party management
the culture needs a Senate cross bench with strong family values.

Why I stand

Permit me to introduce myself.
I am a fifth generation Australian, raised and educated as a Catholic, I also attended the University of Western Sydney and the IICM Bible College. I have pioneered and pastored churches in both Australia and the US, worked as a conference speaker throughout 22 nations of the world, produced and hosted a Christian television program in California in the 90's and authored two bestselling books.
In 2013 I stood as Family First's lead Tasmanian Senate candidate and am standing again for this vital election.
Why do I stand?
Firstly, because I'm a FIGHTER. I fight for family and for the FAMILY VALUES that are essential.
Secondly, because NOW is a time we really NEED FIGHTERS!
This is a Critical Time Like No Other.
We face a time different to any other time in Australia’s political, social and moral history.
If we don't elect strong VOICES who will fight against leftist and immoral agendas we will be responsible for the moral destruction of Australia. The nation we are leaving to our children is in our hands. It is up to us to protect Australia's essential Christian foundations, principles and freedoms!
These destructive agendas are alive and powerful in BOTH the Liberal and Labor Parties, as well as (obviously) The Greens.
The Liberals will no longer stand for the family.
Malcolm Turnbull's Liberal's are NOT the family values Liberals that we voted for in past elections. It is vital, right now, that strong family values leaders stand to hold back the leftist immortality that is increasingly dominating parliament!
I stand to fight for those who care.
I step into the ring to represent those who do not support:
The undermining of the family unit.
The indoctrination of our children in radical and unfounded sexual practice theories, especially those being deceptively presented such as “Safe” Schools.
The global Green/Marxist agenda that is cloaked behind of same sex marriage.
The global agenda of slow cultural Islamisation through subversion, Sharia law, and the abuse of western tolerance and benevolence.
The "selling of the farm" to foreign powers in pursuit of short term gains.
The signing of United Nations treaties that unreasonably and generationally bind Australians, threatening our national sovereignty, security and growth.
The dangerous enlarging of government and its effects of diminishing economic growth.
The leftist and controlling "nanny state" laws that steadily but systematically revoking our freedoms.
The cowtowing to UN "Greenzone" requirements for marine parks and excessive national parks that inhibit our fishing and agriculture industries!
The totally unbalanced environmental laws that leave us open to greater bushfire danger, deterioration of the marine eco-system and the proliferation of feral animals through hunting restrictions.
It is because of these issues that I stand!
I aim to be a strong voice for the many Australians who can see these problems and know they need someone in the Senate fighting for them and their children.
Make no mistake, there is a globalist and social-Marxist agenda at work in our nation, and we are at the tipping point. Very soon, we will reach an unrecoverable place.
NOW is the Time to Make a Stand.
I stand because IT'S TIME TO MAKE A STAND!
Together we can restore Australia's greatness. Together we can restore our right to determine our own destiny!
Together we can leave our children and grandchildren with a better, stronger Australia!
Stand with me. Vote for me and I'll fight for you.


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Fact: Due to the Senate reforms, your minor-party or independent vote will likely end up being binned before it has value. To understand why requires a bit more reading, but if you only number 6 boxes above the line, or 12 boxes below the line, it is EXTREMELY likely your minor-party or independant vote will exhaust (be binned) before it is used to allocate a seat. After all those 'annoying cross-benchers' have been eliminated (and in 2013 more than a third of voters asked for them) The Greens as a mid-size party, will likely win the seats your vote explicitly tried to stop them securing. They won't have won it fairly, but they will have won it!

... unless you vote as explained here!

Bob Day (Family First founder and leader), some faithful citizens and myself fought these changes in the High Court at significant personal expense and risk. The High Court decided the changes were LEGAL within the scope of the Constitutional document, however they certainly are not ETHICAL or DEMOCRATIC, and these weren't questions before the court. These reforms, long desired by The Greens, were deviously planned for with Labor and The Lib's. They became law in March with Xenophon's support, after Labor made what I suspect was a pre-election tactical withdrawal as their support was no longer needed.   

So, follow these instructions to ensure your vote is counted ...



So, in The Senate, for a healthy presence of Senators who will defend your family, child and civil rights; the sort of people who represent genuine Australians (and are not not career politicians or dangerous ideologues) you need to:

  1. Number EVERY box (above or below the line)
  2. Put FAMILY-VALUE cross-benchers in first, and
  3. Put THE BIG PLAYERS last.
           (esp. The Greens + Labor)

The protection of family, children and civil freedoms demands a family focused and more cautious and conservative Senate. It requires one that is representative of the people. They tried to silence your voice.

Number every box - or they win!

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