Peter Madden:
Fighting for You.

Peter is a man who lays himself on the line to fight for Australian values, family values, truth and the protection of the innocent - especially children. He has invested significant money, time and effort in fighting on fronts most are too fearful to tread. He has received attacks against his property, as well as violent threats and verbal assaults. He has even required police protection on occasion, yet he continues to be a strong yet reasonable voice for legitimate, balanced and fair thinking.

Most recently, his concerns for family and country motivated him to coordinate a High Court challenge defending the democratic representation of those who do not vote for major parties. Investing more $10,000 in court and other costs, not to mention lost work and the stressors involved in taking a sitting Government to court, he fought alongside Bob Day in challenging what the High Court decided were legal, but nevertheless deviously unethical changes.

Peter understands better than most, that this 2016 election is perhaps one of the last chances for a non-major-party voice to be elected.

Part of his message is to alert all Australians - regardless of how they are going to vote - that if they follow the Australian Electoral Commission instructions (as defined by the Senate reforms changes) they may hand the balance of power to The Greens. But more on that elsewhere.

What guides Peter's policies?

Peter has come under the banner of Family First as this party most closely aligns with his personal convictions. The parties policies can be viewed in more detail here. For Peter however, there is benefit in knowing what makes him tick, so let's drill down a bit.  

He fights for the protection of the innocent, as well as the existence of a society where freedoms exist and such choices are respected.

Guided by a respect for the God-given freedom of a people to choose individually and corporately their own road, he fights for the protection of the innocent, as well as the existence of a society where freedoms exist and such choices are respected. The ageless values of Christian Scripture do not say ‘anything goes’, but they do respect man’s choice to go their own way. He does not believe in Christianising society; but he does openly acknowledge that the Christian values of protecting self-determination and protecting and valuing the innocent do create a healthy one.

Formally educated within the Catholic school system, and having undertaken some tertiary studies in business and Christian leadership, he has been a dedicated and focused student of people, economics and politics during the last ten years. As he has viewed repeated abuses of civil rights and freedoms under the guise of progressive thought (which is really regressive when looked at analytically).

Peter's past.

Peter has worked as an author, musician, retail manager, salesman, minister, painter, taxi-driver, logger and most recently, as a disabilities worker. He has not had the luxury of pursuing a single career path, as life's journey and the fights he has undertaken have meant flexibility and risk are part of his journey. He is not a career politician or a political party hack. He understands the realities of life as a working man, husband, father and grandfather.

Peter discovered the joys of Tasmania in 2012 and has since called it home. He is married with four adult children (and 1 grandchild) with another child on the way.

His work as a disability worker has suffered significantly due to his court actions in defence of the 3 million voters effectively disenfranchised by the legal but nevertheless immoral Senate reforms. The $10,000 invested has yet to be recouped. Now, with this election being run on the smell of an oily rag, his Disability Worker employment is suffering again, but he knows that without the reduced quotas of a double dissolution election, the Senate reforms have made it almost impossible for small parties or individuals to represent the people in Parliament.

If Labor wins power, or The Greens secure the balance of power in the Senate, the cultural vandalism that await us are catastrophic and effectively irrecoverable.

This is an all-in time of life! Make no mistake, Australia is at a tipping point. This is the election that matters most. If Labor wins power, or The Greens secure the balance of power in the Senate, the cultural vandalism that await us are catastrophic and effectively irrecoverable.

Peter doesn't sweat the small stuff, but for the things that matter, he gives his all. This is a time when everyone needs to be discerning and willing to put in the effort. 

As a nation we are at a cultural tipping point. 

Thoughts for this election.

In the 2013 election he was massively damaged by a biased and almost libellous newspaper article published on the eve of the legislated media blackout. Published when it was, it ensured he had no right of reply and the weight of slurs and misinformation hung over the voting process. Expect the same unfair reporting and treatment this time around.

The only way to know what the mainstream media is not telling you is to ensure you are reading a variety of sources, and we'd also recommend you register for the 'Senate Safeguard' email update. Please do this. Even if you aren't a Family First supporter, it might bring some balance to the incredible bias and editorial selection (read censorship) exercised by most of our mainstream media.

The health of this country, in both the short and long term, depends on there being:
 a) An economically conservative government with a  b) Family-values driven Senate cross-bench to keep them accountable to the people.

This election is so significant that even those who normally vote Labor or The Greens ought think very carefully. Even if just this time, Peter is encouraging people to vote with their wallets and not their children's credit card in the House of Rep's, and with a clear conscience and their children's health in mind in The Senate.

The health of this country, in both the short and long term, depends on there being:

  1. An economically conservative government, AND
  2. A family-values driven Senate cross-bench to keep them accountable to the people.

Whatever benefit or principle you think Labor or The Greens are standing for, they are also standing for:

  1. The devaluation and desecration of the family unit, 
  2. The damaging of children's psycho-sexual development,
  3. The censorship of free speech,
  4. The loss of civil liberties and action of conscience,
  5. The withdrawal of religious freedoms, and
  6. The increase of socialist and marxist ideologies in public policy.

Of course, the Labor and Greens Party policies don't say this, but these consequences are an unavoidable result of the sexually chaotic and LGBT driven manifestos they pursue.

As an author, speaker, broadcaster, activist and musician Peter has continually reinforced the message that all people benefit when society is steered by a love that is undergirded by love and wisdom. This love:

  1. Respects the rights of individuals to self-determine,
  2. Respects the right of a nation as a corporate community to do the same, and
  3. Requires that both these rights be exercised whilst elected officials operate a  vanguard and standard that protects the innocent and future generations from the excesses or selfishness of the current one.

Peter is committed to the cause of protecting the values that give freedom, and defending against the thinly guised attacks that are coming against it. If you feel these things matter also, please register below for the email updates, get involved in social media, and in particular, start having the conversations - even the uncomfortable ones, that we as a nation need to be having.