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  • Peter Madden - Fighting for You

    Vote 1 : Family First

    Peter Madden, in the Senate
    + Lib's in The House of Rep's

    You might trust the Lib's with the economy,
    but don't trust Malcolm with your kids.
  • Peter Madden - Fighting for You

    Vote 1 : Family First

    Peter Madden, in the Senate
    + Lib's in The House of Rep's

    You might trust the Lib's with the economy,
    but don't trust Malcolm with your kids.

The Greens are LGBTQ and marxist ideologues, Labor has sold its soul and Malcolm's small 'l' liberals are taking over the Lib's ...

The economy needs Liberal Party management
the culture needs a Senate cross bench with strong family values.

Media Release 1 June 2016: Family First (Tas) Launches Mardi-Gras Malcolm Campaign

Media Release: 1 June, 2016

Family First (Tas) Launches Mardi-Gras Malcolm Campaign

The Family First Senate team has launched the "Mardi Malcolm" campaign designed to target the Christian conservative voters concerned about Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's social Marxist views. The campaign will start with a mobile billboard that lead Senate Candidate Peter Madden will be touring the towns of Tasmania with. The billboard reads:

Gay Marriage Means Gay Sex-Ed for Tassies Little Children
Mardi Gras Malcolm Wants it!
Madden Will Fight It!
Vote 1 FAMILY FIRST - (Peter Madden)

(Vote Libs Lower House BUT FAMILY FIRST in the Senate)

Lead Senate Candidate Peter Madden said of the campaign:

"There are many very concerned Liberal voters across Australia who voted for a conservative Prime Minister in Tony Abbott, but got an anti-Conservative in Mardi Gras Malcolm. Prime Minister Turnbull sent them a clear message when he danced in the Mardi Gras, we are simply encouraging them to send a clear message back to him through their Senate vote.

Family First is about a whole lot more than just gay marriage, however gay marriage epitomises the worldwide social Marxist agenda to undermine Conservative values more than any other issue.

We are deliberately not running Lower House Candidates because we want to support the conservative Liberal Lower House candidates.

As the sign says, "Vote Libs Lower House BUT FAMILY FIRST in the SENATE". We want to see a Liberal Government for the sake of the economy and also because "Rainbow Bill" Shorten is far worse than Mardi Gras Malcolm. He has stated as an absolute that he will pass gay marriage within 100 days of his party being elected into government.

We do expect opposition from the far left. I have been campaigning for natural marriage and against gay marriage for many years and have received over a thousand death threats."

Peter Madden: 0413765291


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Fact: Due to the Senate reforms, your minor-party or independent vote will likely end up being binned before it has value. To understand why requires a bit more reading, but if you only number 6 boxes above the line, or 12 boxes below the line, it is EXTREMELY likely your minor-party or independant vote will exhaust (be binned) before it is used to allocate a seat. After all those 'annoying cross-benchers' have been eliminated (and in 2013 more than a third of voters asked for them) The Greens as a mid-size party, will likely win the seats your vote explicitly tried to stop them securing. They won't have won it fairly, but they will have won it!

... unless you vote as explained here!

Bob Day (Family First founder and leader), some faithful citizens and myself fought these changes in the High Court at significant personal expense and risk. The High Court decided the changes were LEGAL within the scope of the Constitutional document, however they certainly are not ETHICAL or DEMOCRATIC, and these weren't questions before the court. These reforms, long desired by The Greens, were deviously planned for with Labor and The Lib's. They became law in March with Xenophon's support, after Labor made what I suspect was a pre-election tactical withdrawal as their support was no longer needed.   

So, follow these instructions to ensure your vote is counted ...



So, in The Senate, for a healthy presence of Senators who will defend your family, child and civil rights; the sort of people who represent genuine Australians (and are not not career politicians or dangerous ideologues) you need to:

  1. Number EVERY box (above or below the line)
  2. Put FAMILY-VALUE cross-benchers in first, and
  3. Put THE BIG PLAYERS last.
           (esp. The Greens + Labor)

The protection of family, children and civil freedoms demands a family focused and more cautious and conservative Senate. It requires one that is representative of the people. They tried to silence your voice.

Number every box - or they win!

Contact Peter or Request the "Senate Safeguard" Update

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