Media Release: 6 June, 2016

Family First (Tas) Campaign Launch

The Family First Senate team will be launching the "Mardi Gras Malcolm" campaign at a press conference outside Hobart's Princes Wharf on Wednesday, June 8, 2016. The campaign is designed to target the Christian conservative voters concerned about Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's social Marxist and pro gay agenda views. The campaign will start with a mobile billboard that lead Senate Candidate Peter Madden will be touring the towns of Tasmania with.

The billboard reads:

Homosexual Marriage = Gay Sex-Ed for Children
Mardi Gras Malcolm Wants it!
I'll Fight Against It!
Vote 1 FAMILY FIRST - (Peter Madden)

(Vote Libs Lower House BUT not in the Senate)


Lead Senate Candidate Peter Madden said of the campaign:

"There are many very concerned Liberal voters across Australia who voted for a conservative Prime Minister in Tony Abbott, but got an anti-conservative in ‘Mardi Gras Malcolm’. Prime Minister Turnbull sent them a clear message when he danced in the Mardi Gras, that he fully supports gay marriage, and we are simply encouraging these voters to send a clear message back to him through their Senate vote.

The Family First Party is about a whole lot more than just gay marriage, however gay marriage epitomises the worldwide social Marxist agenda to undermine Conservative Christian values more than any other issue. We want to see a Liberal Government for the sake of the economy because we hold to conservative economic policies. However, we want to see truly independent socially conservative voices in the Senate to keep Malcolm honest and also because "Rainbow Bill" Shorten is far worse. He has stated uncategorically that he will pass gay marriage within 100 days of a Labor government being elected. As the sign says, "Vote Libs Lower House For Economy BUT NOT IN THE SENATE".

There may be opposition and attacks on our message from leftist groups but we cannot let that stop us telling the truth to the Australian people. I am making myself available for any questions, discussion or even debate about this very important issue over the next month. Though I have received over a thousand death threats, been personally attacked and had my property vandalised in the past, it is my hope that there can be intelligent and respectful debate around gay marriage before the election and before a potential plebiscite. The campaign billboard trailer is not just about Gay marriage, it's about freedom of speech and if it provokes strong rational discussion that's a good thing.

I don't personally believe that we can trust Malcolm Turnbull to go to a plebiscite unless there is a strong conservative balance of power in the Senate. Tasmanians might trust Malcolm with the economy, but they can't trust Malcolm with marriage or their children.

We only need 5-6% for a Senate seat in a double dissolution and Tasmania is a very conservative State. We are hoping that enough Tasmanians will want put their families first, protect the pscho-sexual development of Tassie children from dangerous gay sex-ed programs such as "Safe Schools" (or worse), vote for Family First as a true Senate safeguard and "keep the b's honest."