Number ALL boxes, or you'll be effectively voting Green!

beware the greens peter madden 

If you follow the Electoral Commission instructions, you may effectively be handing the Greens the balance of power. The recent changes to the Senate Voting System, in addition to other things, removed Group Voting Tickets. This means if you only number 6 boxes (for example), after your sixth preference is exhausted, your vote (and your voice) is effectively binned (you are disenfranchised). 

To ensure your minor party vote does not give The Greens the balance of power, you need to:

During the long running Senate count process, as some highly appreciated minor parties and independents are gradually eliminated due to low primary vote counts, the only parties remaining will be the Big 4 (LIB, LAB, NAT and Green). Depending on how the vote goes, your absent voice may effectively place the carving knife of political power in The Greens hands.

As a medium sized party, The Greens knew when they pushed for these reforms that they would get enough votes in the early stages to survive the preference voting process. They will win more seats than they deserve because the preference counting system has been interfered with. Many who can think of nothing worse than having The Greens in a position of power will have effetively voted for them, simply by following the instructions given them under the new laws.

The Greens knew it. They wanted it. They got it. If you want to understand how preference voting works and how important it is, read more here.

Though the High Court has decided, from a purely legal perspective, that the changes were legal, they certainly aren't ethically or morally right. The Greens love the changes as do the rest of the Big 4. 

Most people will never know, so you need to be informing people. If you don't, the unscrupulous silencing of your vote, and their vote, will:

  1. Pervert the psycho-sexual development of our children,
  2. Disintegrate our culture, and
  3. Devastate our economy.

Even if you don't Vote 1 Family First (Madden), please number every box and put Labor and The Greens last.