Number ALL boxes, or you'll be effectively voting Green!

Even if this works against me, in the interests of democracy, please understand this. Due to the Senate reforms and the devious (but apparently legal) abolition of Group Voting Tickets, voting looks simpler and more transparent, but it is actually rigged.

To understand this more, you'll need to read the article here, however here's the critical info:

To ensure your minor party vote does not give The Greens the balance of power, you need to:

If you follow Electoral Commission instructions, you may effectively be handing the Greens the balance of power, and in the process:

  1. Perverting the psycho-sexual development of our children,
  2. Disintegrating our culture, and
  3. Devastating our economy in the process.

If you only number 6 boxes (for example), after your sixth preference is exhausted, your vote (and your voice) is effectively binned (you are disenfranchised). 

Even if you don't Vote 1 Family First (Madden), please number every box and put Labor and The Greens last.